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Greg Enright is a licensed contractor who has been living and playing in the Eastern Sierra for more than 30 years. Like most who choose to make this area their home, he quickly discovered that nowhere else in the world is quite like it. And the elements that make this environment unique inform the design and execution of every project he takes on. 

With over a decade of local construction experience, Greg has combined conventional energy-efficient building techniques with the distinct needs of houses in the Eastern Sierra environment. His projects are unrivaled in terms of sustained structural integrity, reduced energy costs, and mountain town aesthetics. Some of Enright Construction's key trademarks include:


  • Building with structural insulated panels and insulating concrete forms, which significantly reduce heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

  • Installing heat recovery ventilators with HEPA filters to ensure the best possible indoor air quality. We also build all new homes with radon resistant construction systems to protect homeowners from the detrimental effects of radon, a prominent and often disregarded health threat in the Eastern Sierra.

  • Hiring and maintaining a highly skilled, diligent crew and bringing in the best local experts for specialized tasks such as roofing, concrete, and drywall.

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